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Whether you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry or any other dental procedure, be sure to Call Dr. Platis at our Boca Raton dentist office. Our friendly, experienced, dental team is here to make your experience a pleasant one.

Maintain your whiter teeth

Confirm with your dentist that a teeth whitening procedure will deliver the results you want. Ask us about over-the-counter teeth whitening products, an at-home teeth whitening kit, or an in-office whitening procedure before proceeding or scheduling.

Custom Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your dentist can custom-design an at-home whitening treatment to help you maintain your brighter smile. This is an important follow-up to keep your teeth white following your in-office teeth whitening procedure.

Remove unattractive tooth stains

Your diet and lifestyle choices have an impact on your teeth. Foods, beverages, and some medications affect the color and overall appearance of your teeth.

Teeth whitening removes yellowing and other discoloration from your teeth. The procedure uses safe ingredients that penetrate the pores of your tooth enamel and bleach the portion below the surface.

Your in-office whitening treatment uses a curing light to speed up the bleaching process. You will experience a visibly whiter smile in approximately one hour.

It’s Time You Experienced Dentistry Redefined

Contact Dr. Platis, your Boca Raton cosmetic dentist, about teeth whitening. Schedule a consultation and dental examination to determine best procedure for you.

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Testimonials From Our Client

Dr. Platis and the ladies in the office are amazing. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming. My family and I have been doing there for years. I’ve referred a few people to this office already and got the same rave reviews as well.

Lori N.

Dr. Platis and his marvellous staff make coming to the dentist as pleasant and enjoyable as the dental maintenance experience can be. Warm and friendly people, super clean office, and I love the puzzle table in the waiting area.

Margaret E.

I’ve been coming to this office for 18 years. You are treated like family as soon as you step in the door. The staff is incredible. Always great and professional service and a friendly staff.

Denise N.